Big dreams,good music & expensive taste.

By the window to the woods where the deer and creatures play, there is a girl- dreamer of dreams with a sore heart. She lives there among her books and tea a measure of heartbreak, loving illustration,pretty things, and falling asleep far,far into the night.


game of thrones meme - seven relationships [1/7]

jon x ygritte

You were wrong to love her, a voice whispered. You were wrong to leave her, a different voice insisted.

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American Horror Story: Freakshow | Fallen Angel x

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Candice Accola in the Dating Rules from My Future Self.

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Caroline Forbes + curls porn [2/2]

Caroline Forbes, “She’s Come Undone”

Caroline Forbes in 4x22

Caroline Forbes, 4x22 “The Walking Dead”


Caroline Forbes - The Walking Dead

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caroline forbes + hair porn


Caroline Forbes in every episode:
↳ Memory Lane